January 1, 2008

Top 10 of 2007: # 1 - Welcome - Sirs

Welcome as quoted from the label site and band's one sheet:

"Their sound is melodic, and rhythmically and sonically ambitious, sitting somewhere between the fractured, exploratory idealism of 60's psych pop (THE CREATION, 'Revolver-era' BEATLES, SYD BARRETT's PINK FLOYD), and such non-conformist alt-rock luminaries as UNWOUND, THE BREEDERS, DEERHOOF or LILYS."

When looking at reviews on line I found Pitchfork's. Per the norm, lazy PFM copped all the sound comparisons right from the label while missing the genius of the record completely.

Luckily Aversion got it right.

"A million writers could write a zillion column inches breaking down Welcome's influences and making a long list of its rock'n'roll ancestry, and miss the point entirely. It doesn't matter which psychedelic pop acts and avant-garde noise-makers are Sirs' predecessors. Welcome digests its roots so thoroughly as to make them irrelevant. Sirs is a new chapter in the great book of rock. It should be a good read. A very good read."

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