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September 9, 2012

No Richmond DJ Set

Here is a list of songs I played at Balliceaux last night : post punk, new wave, angular indie rock, power pop, blah blah blah. (And a guilty pleasure or two). I only play vinyl and mostly singles.

No Richmond is a monthly post punk (and the family tree of genres) dance party that takes place in Richmond, VA. There is rotating cast of DJs that step in each time and the first half of the night usually highlights lesser known music. The second half of the night usually contains the more obvious crowd pleasing hits. I have learned the hard way that people after a few drinks seem to really like ONLY hearing songs they know and can sing along to.  

Can't Keep Away - Sector 27   
Riding the Times - Thirst      
Never Say Never  - Romeo Void    
Strobe Light - The B-52's
Calculator - The Rogers Sisters
Ain't you - Kleenex  

Pogo Pogo - Plastic Bertrand  
Fashion- David Bowie    
Kick In The Eye - Bauhaus   
Shack Up - A Certain Ratio
House Of Jealous Lovers - The Rapture
Shoot You Down - APB     

Jukebox - The Flirts
Its Not Me Talking - A Flock of Seagulls
Do You Dream In Colour - Bill Nelson  

I Travel - Simple Minds  
Going Left Right - Department S   
Computer Games - Mi-Sex  
(Get A) Grip (On Yourself) - The Stranglers 
Should I Stay or Should I Go - The Clash
Shake Appeal - Iggy And The Stooges    

Wolf Like Me - TV On The Radio    
Pretty In Pink - Psychedelic Furs    
Hanging On The Telephone - The Nerves  

Here are few of the songs to check out for an at home or in your work cubical private dance party.

March 30, 2012

Terrible Truths : New Favorite Band

What is going on with Australia. They keep churning out the best bands! I give you the trio Terrible Truths, for fans of Slant 6, post punk girl fronted groups, and Love of Diagrams.

March 9, 2012

Cause & Effect Wrap Up : The Rapture

It is nearly impossible to do a normal Cause & Effect show during a fund drive because we have to break in every 5 minutes to talk about it and there is at least two or three people in the studio at the same time making it even harder to stay on track. I know for fans of the show or the featured band, it makes for tough listen so I wanted to do three things. First say thank you for all your donations last night; we doubled our goal! Truly, thank you. Secondly I have never done this before so I though I would be transparent in how I prepare the show. Below are the notes (edited down believe it or not) I use while I am on air. I am not kidding when I say I spend at least 10 hours preparing for each show and this is the final product that I read off of to do Cause & Effect. I read and watch hundreds of interviews, articles, and reviews, take notes, and then transfer them into the set list. I don't always use everything on air but I like to have more than less information to work off of when I do a typical Cause & Effect. Lastly I have put both shows on so you can download both without our talking and if you are really feeling energetic, can follow along using my notes below.

One last thing - thanks again Luke Jenner for picking all two hours of the show!

Tonight’s special fund drive show : The Rapture is an  Indie rock  band based in  New York City . The band mixes influences from many genres including  post-punk acid house disco electronica  and  rock , pioneering the  post-punk revival  genre. - Wiki

"The mistake most bands make is not going back far enough. They'll be influenced by something, but stop there. I really love Otis Redding and Al Green, but for me it's really important to go back to figure out what they were into. Otherwise, you come up with something shallow that doesn't sound very unique." – Luke

Stairway To Heaven 8:03 Led Zeppelin -Led Zeppelin IV - classic rock was king if you grew up listening to radio in the '70s and '80s. Luke is 36 so be exposed to classic rock as a kid was the norm.

In 1998 drummer Vito Roccoforte and guitarist/vocalist Luke Jenner formed the Rapture   in California.  Raised outside of San Diego, post high school moved to SF, then Seattle briefly, and eventually settled in NYC.

The Wizard 4:21 Black Sabbath - Symptom of the Universe: “A big contention point with us (bass player Matt -v- Luke) was that with the last record I got really into heavy metal. The two things that really influenced that record for me the fact that I got really into the Uli Jon Roth period of Scorpions and I got really into Depeche Mode. Matt just hated heavy metal, hating Black Sabbath and all this stuff that I kind of grew up on. I mean I grew up in the grunge era; I loved bands like Helmet and Therapy? “- Luke
The Sails Of Charon 4:24 Scorpions -Gold - :Rapture frontman Luke Jenner is a big fan of the Scorpions. Jenner calls "the missing link between Sabbath and Metallica in the evolution of rock," even though "they get NO respect." It's a slightly odd or at least surprising area of focus for a man of Jenner's station, but 1978's Taken By Force (his favorite of them all) features a few little vocal yelps and peals of guitar that one can imagine Jenner laying down on a Rapture record. There's an insistent throb and thump in "Sails of Charon," too, that could do damage to a dance floor given the right vibe." eMusic
Disarm 3:17 
Smashing Pumpkins -Siamese Dream 1993 - when indie broke into the mainstream culture – impressionable on people Luke’s age.

"Initially inspired by regional 91X alternative rock discjockey Mike Hollerin, who’d lived in England, then garage-soul mecca Detroit, before hitting sunny Southern California, the duo began listening to ‘80s Brit-pop obscurities Echo & the Bunnymen, New Order, and Jesus & Mary Chain" -

No Surprises 3:48 Radiohead -OK Computer - Many Echoes reviews mention radiohead  – “I grew up in the era of grunge where you had Kurt Cobain, I read every Nirvana book to see how it was done, how they made it. I loved Billy Corgan and Black Francis and the first John Lennon solo record. There’s the whole idea that in order to make something that beautiful you have to go through a horrible experience and it has to be excruciatingly painful. I feel that that’s not true” -Luke

Loser 3:55 Beck -Mellow Gold - 1993  -huge while Luke and Vito in their teens - west coast - Beck also cross pollinates many genres - alternative to alternative

In Between Days 2:58 The Cure- The Head On The Door - Luke is forever compared to vocalist robert smith - especially on early records
Notes 2:12 The Rapture - Mirror - 1999 debut on gravity records - angsty - dark - goth - dance art punk
I Don't Want To Be Happy 3:22 James Chance -Twist Your Soul - no wave with a sax - 2003 Echoes - Gabriel Andruzzi plays sax on the Rapture records.Can't talk post punk and sax and not mention this artist.
Smells Like Teen Spirit 5:02 Nirvana - Nevermind  An almost unavoidable anthem pick for an alternative kid growing up in the early 90s.
Ditch Digger 4:50 Rocket From The Crypt -Circa: Now! – “I started going to all ages shows; getting into Rocket From the Crypt and buying lots of cassette demos of local bands no one remembers except for me. “ - Luke
Peanut Butter 2:29 Fluf -Mangravy - records on cargo - San Deigo's answer to grunge movement that pitchfork / rocket / drive like Jehu / screamo bands on Gravity Records

Death to Dead Things 2:57  Trumans Water - The Peel Sessions – more San Diego goodness - "Truman’s Water were like the four dorkiest kids in high school but they had a shit load of energy. The first time I saw them there were only two or three people there, yet they put everything they had into it. It was quite inspiring.” - Luke

Out Of The Races And Onto The Tracks 4:05 The Rapture -Out Of The Races - 2001 sub pop - height of the post punk sound in the indie underground

Poptones 7:50 Public Image Ltd. - Second Edition - often mentioned as an obvious / key influence and often compared to.

Bassist Matt Safer joined the band prior to the 2001 release of the six-song  EP   Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks  on the  Sub Pop  label.

Fat Lady Wrestlers 3:25 Happy Mondays -Bummed – “My mum was severely emotionally ill and my grandmother took her own life as well, she walked out into the ocean in Swansea to escape from a mental institution. My mum was British and my family is from Wales, so that always had a big influence on me, I was always aware of British artists like David Bowie and all that kind of stuff. It was on a different level to the average kid from San Diego because my mum was English and very proud of it. She was born in Bristol. " - Luke . Influence - "Techno-derived ecstasy-riddled late ‘80s Madchester hipsters the Happy Mondays also proved to be effectual instigators. Just listen to acid house sound “Heaven” for solid proof. But what The Rapture may have benefited from mostly was the British rave scene’s uplifting devotional unity” - beermelodies
It's A Mugs Game 5:25 Soft Cell- The Very Best Of Soft Cell - compared to more in recent years
Movin' On Up 3:51 Primal Scream- Screamadelica  “I loved the idea of the album ‘Screamadelica’, the idea that you could go everywhere, that’s the kind of sprawling music that I loved like the first Roxy Music record which was just all over the map and The Beatles as well.” - Luke
Rocket U.S.A 4:18 Suicide -s/t 1977 -" Listening to their self-titled 1977 debut from the vantage point of late 2002, it's all so obvious: the synthpop, techno, and industrial dance sounds of the '80s and '90s, and now the new New Wave of electroclash, all gesture back to that foundational album."
House Of Jealous Lovers 5:05 The Rapture -Echoes - 2003 With the help of the DFA production team, (. DFA Records is an independent record label and production team, launched in September 
2001  by  Mo' Wax  co-founder  Tim Goldsworthy , musician  James Murphy  (of LCD Soundsystem) ]  and manager  Jonathan Galkin . [2]  The label has an exclusive distribution deal with major record label  EMI . [3]  DFA Records began on a series of 12" single vinyl releases starting with  The Rapture 's "House of Jealous Lovers" and  The Juan Maclean 's "By The Time I Get To Venus". ) The band recorded "House of Jealous Lovers" in 2003 and eventually released their first full-length album Echoes. Gabriel Andruzzi joined the band full time after the record was completed to help tour. The Rapture opened for the Sex Pistols in a soccer stadium in England, and underwent a large major bidding war eventually signing with Universal Music. - Wiki

“We wanted to go a few steps further to find their broader based influences. We used guitars so it came out like Liquid Liquid. It was more of a subliminal or subconscious thing. A band like Public Image Ltd. was drawing from dub music. I liked no wavers DNA and Arto Lindsay’s full on Latin take. So we draw from all those influences. But with Echoes, we really tried to make straight up house music. The vocals to “Olio” sound like The Cure, but we were trying to emulate early Chicago house records with the 909 drum machine and 202 bass machine.” – Luke

No Way Back - Adonis 4:58 Adonis - Chicago Trax - Volume - Adonis is a Chicago acid house pioneer who made his name with the classic 1986 tracks 'No Way Back' and 'We're Rockin Down The House'.
Move Your Body - 
Marshall Jefferson and On The House 7:43 -  Jefferson's 1986 single for Trax, "Move Your Body (The House-Music Anthem)," the first house song to use piano, [3]  was a popular and influential song in the genre.  Lead single How Deep Is Your Love from Raptures most recent recalls the heady days of piano-led Chicago house a la Marshall Jefferson and is pure classic disco in the very, very best sense of the phrase. Hands in the air / tears in your ears".  -

How Deep Is Your Love? 6:28 The Rapture- In the Grace of Your Love - turning point for the band - new / old smaller line up, birth of Luke's first child, mom committed Suicide - making peace with the past - less angry - playing on a softball team, going to church and singing in a choir - return to DFA after leaving Universal - life cycle comes back again - death and rebirth - return to DFA
You're the First, the Last, My Everything 4:32 Barry White- You're the First, the Last, My Everything -. "Since I got married, Barry White's got me thinking about love and sex in a new way... positive eternal love..." - Luke
The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea 2:53 Louvin Brothers -Satan Is Real  

"Yeah. I got really into gospel and its big, uplifting vocals. That's what I'm trying to do on 'How Deep Is Your Love' or 'Come Back to Me,' or even 'In the Grace of Your Love' — it's my interpretation of gospel music. Some of those songs are prayers, literally. The subject matter is bigger than myself and trying to communicate with that universe, or whatever you want to call it: God. Being in the church choir was really cool -- I got involved with some cool music."  - Luke

His Hand In Mine 3:15  Elvis Presley-  Elvis Ultimate Gospel Gospel
How I Got Over - Clara Ward 2:58  Clara Ward  -The History of Black Gospel Volume 2 - "One of the first gospel artists that really hit me was Clara Ward. She has a voice similar to my range. She was Aretha Franklin's hero and who she was trying to emulate."  - Luke
MLK 2:34  U2 - The Unforgettable Fire - Luke actually celebrated his 18th birthday by going to see U2 play in San Diego. – Luke’s more belty rock voice earning comparison's to Bono on newest record. - ending with because U2  is a no brainer as the bands often ends with this song live. The Rapture is managed by the same company who works with U2 now.

March 8, 2012

March 8th, 2012 : Cause & Effect : The Rapture

If I had a nickle for every time I read or heard an interview with a musician that talks about the importance of radio helping to shape and inspire them as creative beings, I would be a wildly rich woman. Radio (especially independent music radio programming for me personally), offers two incredible things to the listener, free music that we may or not be familiar with and a DJ (a real live human!) who schools us on the music they have selected. These on air volunteers become our tastemakers, our music professors, and are our gateway to what is going on in our community (and the world!)

Here is a quote from Luke Jenner of the Rapture about the importance of expanding one's music knowledge and below it is a snippet from an article where Luke mentions how San Diego radio (where he and Vito grew up), was a part of The Rapture's learning curve.

"The mistake most bands make is not going back far enough. They'll be influenced by something, but stop there. I really love Otis Redding and Al Green, but for me it's really important to go back to figure out what they were into. Otherwise, you come up with something shallow that doesn't sound very unique."

"Initially inspired by regional 91X alternative rock discjockey Mike Hollerin, who’d lived in England, then garage-soul mecca Detroit, before hitting sunny Southern California, the duo began listening to ‘80s Brit-pop obscurities Echo & the Bunnymen, New Order, and Jesus & Mary Chain"

And here is a quote taken from a recent Pitchfork interview with the band and the line about radio comes from Gabriel Andruzzi who plays many rolls in the band, keyboard, sax, bass, percussion, and vocals.

Pitchfork: Since the popular perception of dance-punk is that it burned-out really fast, what do you think of what you guys did with those early records with DFA now? Do you see a lasting impact from it?
GA: I run into people all the time who talk about how excited those records made them. That's an important thing for me to remember as a musician-- those qualities of experiencing music. That goes back to when I was 10 listening to the radio, getting records, going to my first shows, and being really inspired by those things. For this new record, it was important for me to remember that I'm making something to bring somebody joy.

This is why I thought The Rapture would be a perfect candidate for our very special fund drive Cause & Effect. Singer / guitar player Luke Jenner has kindly hand selected a two hour playlist for this evening's show to reflect his musical journey from music loving kid into an adult musician revered across continents for genre bending not just from record to record but from song to song. Luke may be a talented artist but he is also a rabid music fan, interested in music of all kinds, from all decades, as you will hear tonight from 7PM to 9PM.

My introduction to Luke and Vito happened in the Fall of 1999. Within The Rapture timeline this is when the band had moved from San Francisco, then to Seattle briefly, landing them in NYC where I was living at the time. Their debut full length Mirror had been released earlier that year and they were in the process of searching for creative inspiration while writing their one and only Sub Pop Records release, Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks. Luke was seeing a friend of my first husband and I and in turn we all became friendly. Luke and Vito (Matt had yet to join them at this point in time) would come over to our apartment  quite a bit. We would occasionally feed them, play them records from our collection, and basically geek out about music. Withing our indie music community bands like Radio 4 were growing in popularity and in general the post hardcore community who were previously dabbling in emo and hardcore (screamo too) were growing a little older (myself included) and seemingly all discovering post punk at the same time. (Gang of Four, Wire, P.I.L., James Chance, ETC) The Rapture landed smack dab in the middle of this scene and quickly rose to become one of the best known bands playing a style of music heavily rooted in post punk. 

As I mentioned, The Rapture are passionate music fans of all kinds so it really isn't surprising that the band since the late '90s has continued to explore new styles of music from house to Gospel. They have gone on to produce an eclectic body of work and continue to branch out in new directions. Like any band they have had their share of peaks and valleys and while we will go into some of that this evening, the show's focus this evening will be playing Luke's set list from start to finish and us as your DJ's at the helm helping to to explain how these songs fit into the group's timeline of influence. Metal, classic Rock, indie Rock, Brit-Pop, post punk, Dance, Country, and Gospel are all a part of tonight's show and Luke has also selected his four favorite Rapture songs to round it all out. 

Tune in to 97.3 on your dial if you live in Richmond, VA or stream us live at WRIR.ORG. from 7PM to 9PM tonight. If you enjoy our show, our radio station, the gift that is community radio, please consider making a donation during our show. We will have a bounty of special prizes available to those who donate and best of all, you can help keep independent radio's heart beating. We may be the volunteers who bring WRIR to your ears but it is your donations that make it all possible. 

Thank you Luke Jenner for your time, support, and a chance to revisit our friendship in such an illuminating way. Music nerds unite! 

To put this evening's show on your Facebook calendar, go to our event page here.

To follow Cause & Effect on Facebook, go here.

The two pictures of Luke were taken at my birthday party in 1999 at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in NYC.

March 5, 2012

This Thursday : A Very Special Cause & Effect by Luke Jenner of The Rapture

Created exclusively for Cause & Effect, Luke Jenner of the Rapture has hand picked a set list highlighting his personal influences through the 14 year history of the band. While Luke will not be in our studio, on March 8th from 7PM to 9PM we will be sharing his picks on air to create a very special WRIR fund drive program.

Luke's set is a shining example of what makes Cause & Effect so special, it tells his creative journey through the music of others including his four favorite songs from The Rapture catalog.

The Rapture recently followed up their critically-acclaimed 2011 album In The Grace Of Your Love with a remix EP for “Sail Away,” which features re-workings of the single by Cut Copy, Cosmic Kids and Aeroplane.

The Rapture is also playing Coachella on April 13 and 20, along with two additional tour dates with Justice in Oakland and Las Vegas.

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January 17, 2012

The Other Hit

People know the band Modern English for "Melt With You" but I have always been partial to "Someone's Calling". I had no idea there was a video for it until tonight

Swans on Glass is another winner and yet few people have ever heard it either.