November 24, 2008


Another friend passed away this weekend and that was the first phone call of my day. At this point I am trying desperately to think of something that would cheer me up and I am coming up empty handed. If I could draw maybe I would depict something kittens riding unicorns over a field of cupcakes and rare records with pristine record covers and scratch free vinyl.

This is almost as good as any picture I could hope to paint plus any video that has a cameo of Bill Ryan - part owner of Pier Platters- is golden in my book. (door guy)

And to you Carl....I know you were more of a jazz guy...but you like the funny so maybe you would approve of this video in the spirit of the silly world of music you have left us behind in. Thanks for making me laugh and often.

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  1. That cheered me up..."Ira get down from there" hahaha