November 30, 2008

Jean on Jean

The group Out Hud came and went without leaving as much as a blip on my radar but it is the solo record of their cellist / vocalist Molly Schnick that has me paying attention. She spent multiple years shaping this debut self titled record (Jean on Jean) and the final product is a dramatic string heavy twee album with vocals straight off a Tiger Trap record. But that isn't a fair comparison either because while she shares the breathy little girl vocal style, her vocal arrangements alone are complex and layered to the point dizzying. Clearly a ridiculous amount of care has gone into the making of this record. The songs are a bit like walking into a meticulous home where every single thing, in this case every note and every word is in its place and serves a meaningful purpose.

Cuddle core, sweater pop, twee-tastic goodness, I plan on spending my whole day with this Jean on Jean record. The Vivian Girls might be getting all the press these days but Molly Schnick has the talent of that whole band inside her.

There is a great interview with her here.

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  1. Out Hud played an amazing show at Nanci Raygun 3 years ago. It was super hot and sweaty and I danced my ass off (which doesn't happen very often).