November 19, 2008

Pretty & Nice / Get Young

Artist: Pretty & Nice
Title: Get Young
Hometown: Boston
Label: Hardly Art
Street Date: Out Now

RIYL: XTC, Punk with angles, Field Music, Eno, a young Paul Weller, Ted Leo on Nickelodeon
The Hits: Tora Tora Tora but the whole record is pop heaven.
Richter Magnitude Rating Scale: Strong

If you find yourself hungry for new music, something easy on the ears, then do yourself a favor and pick up Pretty & Nice's Get Young. They are a trio from Boston who make ridiculously good disjointed pop music on what sounds like toy instruments and have vocals that slide into a falsetto range that makes me wonder if they reached puberty yet.

I like this record to maybe even recreate the cover by leaping for joy.

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