May 14, 2009

May 14th, 2009 Cause & Effect : Blonde Redhead

Tonight on Cause & Effect we will be following the musical roots of NYC's Blonde Redhead. Named after a a track by the no wave group DNA we will kick of our set accordingly and follow up with a string on other no wavers like 8 Eyed Spy and Rosa Yemen. The rest of the set will include an assault of great guitar bands like Unwound, Sonic Youth, Polvo, 90 Day Men, Rodan and then we will end with more modern groups one might say are influenced or sound a whole heck of a lot like BR like Asobi Seksu, Mum, and Cafe Neon.

We are on tonight from 7PM to 9Pm - on your radio dial in RVA 97.3 or you can stream us at


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