May 1, 2009

Friday Flashcard : Name That Metal Band

My French isn't great but I am pretty sure that this Japanese Grindcore band has named themselves after the French word for bakery that specializes in pastries. Wow...scary stuff!

If that ridiculous band choice isn't adorable enough, check out their "about the band"

"In Japan scene it is for good time. So if it can have this with friends in Japan and the world! No homophobes no sexists no racists! Fuck off! Let's enjoy grind."

For the name of the band and a link to their MySpace page - check the comments section.


  1. Patisserie! Yummmmmmy. I mean evil.

  2. "Patisserie is an enjoy grinders in Japan"

  3. Автор поста - тупая ёбаная пизда, мать которой умирает от спида, а отец ёбаный мешок говна. Захлебнись в месячных!