August 24, 2009

It's a Bikini World

Free for your viewing pleasure via Comcast right now! And tell me that the guy who introduces the bands doesn't look like a the bad egg from Project Runway a few years back ! Scenes from this movie include skateboarding, groovy girls a go-go, boat racing, his and her jumpsuits, dirt bikes in car washes, lighting that looks more '70s soft porn, bands playing in the mouth of a monster, camel riding, and some of the biggest hair bows you have ever seen.

Eric Burdon is my new favorite front man - is it just me or does have he a weird Elliott Smith vibe. His pissed off, I don't give a crap expression is the best.

And this is just a weird creepy Animals video - the women hanging on the wall like taxidermy hunting prizes is so over the top.

So I might be a little obsessed now. Eric Burdon with War from 1971

Check out the guitar tone!

Now this is a dance party!

1 comment:

  1. That monster mouth stage is from the Haunted House a 60's club in LA. You can see it in The Girl in the Gold Boots(1968) too, here's the opening credits complete with go go dancers: