August 11, 2009

Random Cuts

I've made it no secret that I have a hard on for this label since day one but damn it they keep releasing records that blow my mind and my speakers... so as long as they keep doing that, I am going to keep praising them on my nerd site.

Here is what the Nominal Records site says about the Random Cuts: Justin (Mutators, Sex Negatives, The Nons, Emergency Room, Grotesque Modern, etc) finally makes good on the long promised Random Cuts. Hooks, not noise. A single a month for July, August, and Sept. Summer US tour with Nu Sensae.

First of all I hate to argue with a two dimensional screen of my computer but as I hear this, yes there are hooks but noise too. The best kind of noise. Noise that I can only compare to the blazing guitar antics found on early Treepeople records (that is pre Built To Spill for all you squares) mixed the deadpan chaos of early Flipper channeled through a trio of one dude and two ladies. (or two female mannequins if I am reading these covers right)

Each record is wicked limited (slightly over 500) comes on candy colored vinyl, and flat out rules BUT if I had to place the trio in favorite order for those of you who lack the funds to score all three here ya go.

The winner : Make Damage / Pigeon Park
Runner up: Rat Capacity / Destroyed
Third Place but still no loser: Sleep / Jail Stripes.

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