February 24, 2010

Let's Hear It for the Old Guy : The Return of Walter Schreifels

Oh you know... that fella from YOT /GB / Quicksand /CIV/ Walking Concert / Rival Schools who has been bringing us quality rock for some 20 years. Walter is two years older than me so I use the term old guy with nothing but a loving affection. IE if he's actually old than I am next up at bat.

I am digging the new song / first single which comes from a new solo record coming May 4th (entitled Open Letter to the Scene), or so my lovely pal Pam tells me.

And what? There is a new Rival Schools record coming soon too? That's the gossip!

The video has touches of Sophia Coppola, Mike Mills , and Wes Anderson which fits the tribute to Arthur Lee rather perfectly. (And if you don't know who Arthur Lee is, shame on you!)

Walter Schreifels — Arthur Lee's Lullaby from The Town Pump on Vimeo.

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