June 28, 2010

Bragging Rights : Dynamic Truths

There was a reason I was excited to release this Dynamic Truth's  record and I am very honored to know Dusted Magazine feels the same way. 

You can order the CD from the label website and the LP will be coming in August. Or you can order it from Merge here.

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       If you don't know know about the band, read on ....
I would love to be able say if you loved Honor Role and Coral you will love the Dynamic Truths too but sadly these are bands still unknown to most indie music enthusiasts... even though Merge Records has been singing their praises and releasing many of their records over the years.

These were Richmond Virginia bands that pretzel knotted hardcore ALA Husker Du circa 1983 to a groundbreaking style now called math-rock with a biting vocal attack in the realm of Mark E Smith. To further add to the band's weight consider lyrics that read like Raymond Carver fronting Fugazi and there you have a rough idea of what Honor Role and Coral were about and then in turn what Dynamic Truths grew out of.

What amazes me most about these songs, 98% of which were never released, is how well they have survived the test of time. They could fit on a mix along with the best of 80's British post punk, 90's angsty indie rock like Superchunk or Circus Lupus, any band featuring John Reis or Rick Froberg, and then modern acts like Wilderness.

DT never toured and only played a small handful of shows during their time as an active band. 

1. You Take It All
2. Profit from Loss
3. Headed for the Halfway House
4. With the Angels
5. New Light
6. Uh Huh
7. I Want to Know
8. I've Got Your Psychic Friend
9. Behind the Killer...
10. Bus Stop
11. The Past Is Black & White
12. Good Time
13. Sailors of the Highway
14. Total Victory
15. Your House


  1. i only have "You Take It All/Profit from Loss" 7' and can't get enough of it.'that album seems like pretty rare find on the interwebs :/ any kind of link would be really helpful :3

  2. excellent blog, by the way :)