June 16, 2010

Experi-metal Fans, Meet David Sylvian, Your New Best Friend

David Sylvian has been producing music since the late 70's; starting with the group Japan and continuing on solo, or more accurately recording under his own name with many a collaborator. He began his musical career mirroring glam artists like Bowie and Roxy Music however as he has matured as a musician, he has fallen off the pop path and headed down a much more discordant and darker one. Over the past decade he has created some of my favorite melancholy music to date. I am in love with his stark, bleak productions that would woo any modern day Scott Walker fan. His songs are often unstructured / improvised, much the like unpredictability of wind moving through chimes and keeping with the idea of nature, there are wide open spaces that suddenly are filled with a stirring whirl, strum or glitchy thing that resembles an electrical storm on the open plains somewhere in the distance. For those metal heads who love the more ambient grim experi-metal, I would think Sylvian would be a great idol and I am surprised the metal community hasn't embraced this artist for his subtle yet unnerving creations more widely.

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