June 16, 2011

Drive-By-Truckers Cause & Effect Download

Better late than never!
The first 30 minutes of my radio show vanished do to technical troubles (too many listeners streaming the show bumped my recording connection off line.) but  I have managed to rescue the rest of it and for your listening pleasure added a few bonus tracks that we ran out of time for on air. Download it here. I have edited my show down to remove PSAs and underwriting so it is all quality Jay / Truckers time.
This means you will have more than half of the radio show to enjoy as well as these bonus songs; material Jay and his trusted circle of friends who are also experts on the Truckers hand picked as bands influenced by the DBTs :
  1. "Hurricane J" - Hold Steady  
  2. "Last Night in Town" - Lucero
  3. "Down Low" Dexateens"
  4. "Sorry Dreams" - Horsehead
My apologies for not being able to deliver the whole radio for your listening pleasure. Never in the history of doing my radio show at WRIR have we had so many listeners on-line that we overwhelmed our server at the station to the point it shut down - no less multiple times. WOW.

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