June 9, 2011

Quick Update on the Drive-By-Truckers Show

The good news is we broke a show record for having the most people tuned into the show at one time - THANK YOU FOR TUNING IN ! ! ! The bad news is that it overwhelmed our radio station's server and in turn I lost the stream I was recording the show off of to put into a podcast type deal. Please let me know if you recorded the show as I would LOVE to get a copy of it in MP3 form so I can post it / share it with the folks who missed this very special edition of Cause & Effect. 

Tomorrow I will also post a mix of the songs we didn't have time to air too. Thanks again to those who tuned in and a BIG thanks to all those who helped Jay put this show together, especially Patterson Hood. 

Here is the link to tonight's set list and here are the notes I promised to share that Patterson wrote about some of his influences. 

Bruce springsteen -
as you know I saw The Boss on Feb 13 1981 in Starkville MS and it is still my all time favorite concert.

That was The River and as we all know I Iove a good story song so lets play a GREAT one. TITLE CUT. (THE RIVER)
The Band
Push comes to shove, my all time favorite band. First heard them (knowingly) when they played Saturday Night Live right before The LAst Waltz, It was 3 nights before the 76 election and they ended the evening by playing Georgia On My Mind. Jimmy Carter was elected President that tuesday. My all time fave Band song is THE NIGHT THEY DROVE OLD DIXIE DOWN for more reasons than I have time to list.
When I was in High School my alarm would go off at exactly 6:25 for me to go to school. I had an old GE clock radio and loved in the county and the only station I could pick up was WQLT, which was our crappy top 40 station and they were always playing something I hated, except for about 2 weeks straight in 1980 they would be playing TRAIN IN VAIN which is still one of my all time favorite songs.
Tom Petty
The name of my very first band was Breakdown (1979) named after the TPHB song. I've ALWAYS Loved Tom Petty, but my favorite song of his is SOUTHERN ACCENTS. The piano against Jack Neitzes' string arrangement is absolute perfection.
Still my all time favorite Southern Rock Band and Athens GA Band. I fell in love with REM when Chronic Town was still their only record and have loved them ever since. This increased tenfold in 1984 (Reckoning Tour) when this really great friend of mine took my broke butt to Oxford MS to see them for my first time. That friend was of course Jay Leavitt. I played an REM tribute in Athens for their favorIte charity and they all came. I had to sing this song in front of them. It's still one of my faves. DON'T GO BACK TO ROCKVILLE.
Their album Tim literally inspired me to drop out of school and form Adam's House Cat with Mike Cooley back in 1985. The rest as they say is... insanity. HERE COMES A REGULAR. A few years later I saw them open for Tom Petty the night Tom fired them on stage and kicked them off the tour in Nashville TN. They deserved it. It was a glorious night of Rock and Roll though.
Todd Rundgren
Push comes to shove, my favorite album of all time is Something/Anything?. My favorite song on that album is HELLO ITS ME. I keep saying I want to someday write one of those 33 1/3 books about that one but I bet someone beats me to it.

If you were to add one more, I'd think Curtis Mayfield's FREDDIE'S DEAD.

I just absolutely love that song and always have. it IS a huge influence writing wise, especially it's circular structure and use of a move as an influence. In this case, he took a minor character and wrote a song about him so great that it made him a major part of the story even though he's actually barely mentioned in the actual movie. Brilliant.

- Patterson

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