November 12, 2007

60 Watt Kid - S/T - Absolutely Kosher Records

Sounds like a goofy emo band from 1994 I know but alas they are a newish band from the left coast (SF) that makes music similar to Animal Collective if they were on the Arts & Crafts label. Sorry to do the band some serious injustice by summing then up in a half sentence but I am anti long review these day.

You can check them out here and I strongly recommend you check out the track Ocsisnarf NaS.

These days I am lucky to find more than 2 tracks off of any record I like so I am happy to report that 60 Watt Kid has delivered a new a new record I seriously love about half of. I lose patience with the less straight ahead pop songs (especially the ones bathed in keyboard frenzies, guitar noodling, and vocal slap backs even Elvis would call too much) but there are some psych-pop moments to die for here.

Come to think about it, my relation with most Animal Collective (and their side projects) releases is exactly the same. I love about 1/3 of each record and then the rest of the songs I can do without. I don't think that exactly earns my number one fan status but I will call myself a fan regardless.

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