November 9, 2007

I know I am getting old when....

I get cranky because the local metal venue refuses to create an online calendar that is easy to read. They cut and paste each headlining and opening band's logo so if you aren't an expert in reading crpytic indecipherable lettering, you have to take the extra step and click on the logo in question which in turn will bring you to the band page. In some ways it is pretty genius because true fans of metal already know all their favorite band's logos and they will be able to breeze through the calendar while this extra step weeds out the ancient assholes like me who love the metal from a distance.

I am forced to offer both a tip of he hat and a wag of the finger here.

PS: And how uncool is it that I found out about Enslaved touring (which led to me to learn they are playing tonight at Jaxx) thanks to the New York Times? I am old.

PPS: Speaking of metal...I really enjoyed this series of interviews with Gaahl from Gorgoroth on VBS.TV.

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