November 8, 2007

Desert Island Picks (assuming I can bring some wax too)

I had to create this list for something at work so I decided to post it here too. There is no doubt I would turn in a different list depending on the day, my mood, month, year, new music discoveries and so on but here is mine as of the right and here and now.

If you pay close attention you will also discover how I came up with my not so clever blog name.

1) Lee Hazlewood(ism) – Its Cause and Cure - MGM
2) Nancy Sinatra – Lightning’s Girl 45 on Reprise
3) Della Reese – It Was a Very Good Year” 45 on ABC
4) Sugarcubes – Birthday / Christmas 12” - One Little Indian
5) Dudley Moore / Peter Cook 7” from the movie “Bedazzled” – “Love me” bw/ “Bedazzled” - Parrot
6) Rites of Spring – S/T – Dischord
7) Bjork – Vespertine - Elektra
8) Swirlies – They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days in the Glittering World-Taang
9) Pitchfork – Eucalyptus + Saturn - Nemesis
10) Lync – These Are Not Fall Colors - K
11) Danger Mouse – Grey Album
12) The Treepeople side of the split 7” w/ House Of Large Sizes “Neil’s Down” – Toxic Shock


  1. bjork and the sugarcubes? shocka!

  2. Anonymous 2/7/08, 6:52 PM

    House of Large Sizes.Shit! and i thought they were just a Columbia tax write off.