November 6, 2007

The South Will Resurrect Again!

Today is election day and in preparation of such an occasion my better half and I looked online to double check who all was running in our distract and what they stood for. We discovered that there is an Independent candidate running for House of Delegates whose political heroes include Jesus and Robert E. Lee.

See the title header for my punch line.

I don’t have many regrets about moving from NYC to Richmond, VA. but when I stumble across something like this I can’t help but question calling the South my home. I don’t want religion and or the Confederacy anywhere near my politics. Its 2007 damn it and the “Under God” mantra was introduced in 1954 during the McCarthyism era –not by our founding fathers at all.

And why can’t the South move past the “war of Northern aggression”? As a born and raised New Jersey-an I have a hard time grasping the South’s obsession with the Civil War. Us Northern types managed to move on and I cringe to see it it rear its ugly head yet again within the modern day political circuit.

I guess you can tell who I didn’t vote for today. I am taking out my blue trapped in a red state frustration by listening to a little EyeHateGod’s “In the Name of Suffering” and Born Against’s “9 Patriotic Hymns for Children will be up next. I am stoked to have found a decent video clip of Born Against so here it is, enjoy!

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  1. For gentle readers who don't know who their representatives are, the Commonwealth of Virginia has this handy "find your representatives" page.

    Not that I needed it. My representatives chick...and the dude.