November 14, 2007


There is some very watchable material on VBS.TV. I haven't really embraced TV online up until this point but with programming this good - Vice TV is my new favorite "channel".

Ian Svenonius may rub some the wrong way (Do people under 30 even know who he is at this point?) but his Kevin Shields 4 part interview is really informative and interesting. I am trying to make my way to the Mark E Smith interview now but its a bit of a difficult listen because Mark sounds like he has a mouth filled with boozey marbles. Luckily Ian is able to follow all of conversation and the interview fumbles along covering such tantalizing topics as astrology and golf.

I am moving onto the Chan Marshall and Genesis P. Orridge interviews now and looking forward to them.

You can check out all the Soft Focus episodes here.

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