December 16, 2008

Artist: These are Powers
Title: Terrific Seasons
Hometown: NYC / Chicago
Label: Hoss Records
Street Date: Out Now

RIYL: Sonic Youth having left a phone off the hook, The Liars (ex-Liars bass player Pat), Deathrock / No-Wave
Righter Magnitude Rating Scale: Moderate leaning towards strong

The band may have given their genre of music a pet name of "ghost punk" but the only thing haunting this record is the spirit of very early Sonic Youth and the Birthday Party.

These Are Powers pay a decent tribute to decadent noise led by primitive beats but I imagine anyone who calls themselves a serious Nick Cave / SY / the more avante less melodic side of the Liars would rather revisit those records in their record collection than consider giving this band a place on the shelf next to them.

1 comment:

  1. we had the pleasure of opening for this band in iowa city and when the electronics kick in its a crazy fun creepy dance party, andre 3000 wouldve been happy. sonics cant get down like this.