December 4, 2008

I dont feel like posting about metal today...I give you Mutators - Secret Life instead

Son of a gun. I thought I had my favorite records of 2008 all figures out and then this record rises to the surface of a pile of 12"ers in my living room that I have been meaning to get around to. I was cleaning up the apartment when I put the needle on side A but I stopped cleaning just a few seconds into the record. The music was too good, too distracting to do something as lame as sweeping up scattered cat litter. (Do I know how to party on a Thursday night or what?) I suddenly felt more inclined to kung fu bricks in half with my bare feet. You have to respect a record that literally is the audio equivalent of an adrenalin shot or 10 cups of coffee.

The Mutators sound like a band that would be in the opening slot of a Sonic Youth / Bikini Kill tour in the early 90s. In fact I am pretty sure that Thurston Moore wishes he put out this record. Secret Life is P. U. N. K. A. S. F. U. C. K. with a female vocalist who is a master of the perfect and ongoing scream.

Vancouver is lucky to have this band and Nominal Records - I owe you one for sending me this slab of noisy genius.

It even gets a Tobi Vail approval...and it is wicked limited (820 pressed) so don't snooze on this or you will be sorry. In fact I feel a little sorry for you right now because I have it and you probably don't.

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