December 19, 2008

Friday Flashcard: Name That Metal Band

I never get tired of this. Not only are their enough metal logos out there to go around the world twice but the serious self important things these bands say about themselves on their sites gives me endless joy.

For instance the Austrian band who belongs to the logo this week has this to say about themselves.

"______ stands for death, madness and everything dark and evil that exists on this planet."

Can you imagine introducing yourself at a bar with a line like that. And who wouldn't crack a smile when you said it?

I heart metal. I really do.


  1. "In the year 2005, Markus and Martin joined together to form an evil abomination, which will be later known as IRDORATH."

    I love it.

    And you can check out there link here.

  2. Metal is a most serious issue!