December 31, 2008

Show and Tell

The day after Christmas a friend took me to Baltimore to see a Kix-mas show. If you aren't familiar Kix they are a glam-rock band from Maryland who never saw the long term commercial success of say the Crue but managed to have one record go platinum in 1988 (Blow My Fuse).

The band still has legendary status in the Baltimore area so needless to say the show at Ram's Head was well attended by screaming fans who knew all the words to every song (my friend included). I will be the first to admit that glam metal doesn't butter my biscuit but the crowd loved them. Where I winced in embarrassment for the band as they actually use props for certain songs (the same ones they have been using for a decade+) and changed outfits a little here and there (velvet hat and red round John Lennon glasses for one of the ballads), once again their fans loved every minute of it. One woman's trash was clearly a nearly sold out venue's treasure.

What I really want to know is how those band members stay so friggin skinny. They were nearly all as thin as pre-pubescent teen girls. I also have to applaud these men for single handedly keeping the vest look alive. Vest with long sleeves, vests with a short sleeve half shirt, vest with no the vest.

More importantly I heard just about the best statement ever from a woman standing next to me whose husband was trying desperately to drag her closer to the stage. She dug her heels into the ground like a stubborn mule and screamed at him "I don't fuckin' need to be up front for this, it isn't like this is a Kid Rock show!!!"

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