September 20, 2011


According to this site:  "The as-yet-untitled project would revolve around a “super cool” 1990s all-girl band who, after 20 years of bad blood, tries to reunite though they’re no longer girls and no longer cool."
The article goes on to say, "“We both loved Spinal Tap and The Go-Go’s and this is a way to meld those together; what would The Go-Go’s be like if they had a huge horrible break-up and then reunited 20 years later?” Crittenden told THR. “We’ve since adjusted it to be like four Gwen Stefani [characters].”

And all brought to you by TWO FEMALE WRITERS no less. YAY ! (Seinfeld writer Jennifer Crittenden and Scrubs scribe Gabrielle Allan.). More ladies in Hollywood writing please.

High fives all around!

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