September 11, 2011

Missed My Interview with Bob Schick of Honor Role?

Fret no more, you can download the whole two hours right here.

The tracklisting for the show can be found here.

Here is another download. It is a continuous mix of the songs we didn't have time to play. There is about 30 minutes of music total and Bob promises to write up a few notes about why he picked these songs as being highly influential to him.

Fiction Romance    4:34    Buzzcocks    Operator's Manual           
Not Superstitious    4:19    Leatherface    Mush
I Just Want To Have Something To Do    2:42    Ramones    Road To Ruin
Poison    2:56    Motörhead -    Bomber           
Psychedelic Warlords    4:54    Hawkwind    Spirit of the Age - An Anthology 1976-1984           
Perspective    3:29    Peter Gabriel    Peter Gabriel 2: Scratch (Remastered)   
Tam Lin    7:12    Fairport Convention    Liege And Lief   
I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight    3:09    Richard+ Linda Thompson    The Best Of Richard And Linda Thompson

And here is a note from Bob Schick himself about this last batch of songs.

Motorhead "Poison" is an early song with a ferocious vocal & a couple of interesting lyrics about drug damage & Lemmy's feeling for his father.
Hawkwind 'Psychedelic Warlords" My all time favorite badass band. More unhinged than Motorhead & it oozes menace.
Peter Gabriel "Perspective" This is a record I heard in the record store one morning in 1978 & was like nothing I'd heard before. I found it really intriguing(sp?) I took it home & listened to it over & over. At the time I was mostly listening to Rush, U.F.O., Aerosmith & some Beatles. It is a varied  record  & along with his third album always impresses me with its emotional depth. I love those two albums & am still moved by his empathy. I have respect for  him both as a performer & for his record label Realworld.

Fairport Convention "Tam Lin" I love the way Richard Thompson's guitar uses dissonance in the midst of very pretty folk music & Sandy Denny's lilting voice. A great combination of elements that maybe shouldn't go together but create a cohesive & stunning whole.
Richard & Linda Thompson "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight" Again Richard's guitar is fantastic, Linda's voice is so pure & the brass band helps create a perfect atmosphere. The lyrics are excellent as well. They paint such a vivid picture, you can almost see it. I've loved their music ever since I first heard it when Petey played it at Plan 9 nearly 30 years ago. How it fits in with my singing, I can't say for certain, but I know I've tried to create an atmosphere that can bring the songs to life.
        In conclusion, I want to thank Tracy & Kenny for putting this show together. I've had a wonderful time. I am also aware that I would not have had a chance to be on the show if it wasn't for each of the members of all the bands I was lucky enough to be part of. Thanks guys. If you know me, I hope you think of me who doesn't like to talk about myself, in general I try to be modest. Listening to me or reading these notes, I would like you to know that I do not think of myself as being talented or special, I just do what I do. But Since Tracy asked me, I'm privilaged to talk about music that has moved me. My hope is that it might impress someone that may have heard a band that they wish to investigate further. Or even just bring back memories.
                               Take Care,
                                    Bob Schick


  1. Bob is the best. I had such a great time listening to him talk about everything.

  2. Anonymous 11/3/11, 1:43 PM

    Thanks so much for putting this together - after being hit by a car!!

    Great to hear Bob reminisce + spin some of his favorite records.

    Pen is next?!

  3. Anonymous 12/9/11, 2:09 AM

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