January 30, 2008

And Another Thing!

From Facebook:

Group Info Name: Independents Day 08
Type: Music - Indie

Description: Though we speak different languages, have different customs and backgrounds, our common bond is we all speak the language of independent music. We are the risk takers, the first not only spot trends but to start them. We take chances to open up minds and ears.

Independent music celebrates the cultural underpinnings of a country’s heritage. But how often, if ever, does independent music celebrate itself? How often has the world heard about us through a unified voice?

We'd like to introduce you to a very exciting special event, which we will be staging throughout the world, which needs your help and support to make this one of the most powerful initiatives the independent community has ever endeavored to create.

Independents Day will be a highly coordinated worldwide event to celebrate independent music through an historic on-line auction. We will be looking to you to offer items, such as rare recordings, autographed paraphernalia, night out with the band, etc., just use your imagination.... We will also create "official" Independents Day merchandise to be sold in conjunction with this event. A special steering committee is currently developing tools for all TA’s to use in order to make this event a smashing success.

During the weekend of July 4th, this multi-purpose event will raise money for WIN, the local trade organizations that host this event. Also, we will be creating a fund for developing countries who need our support to develop trade organizations in emerging new markets.

In addition, through a highly coordinated media campaign, Independents Day will provide our sector with unprecedented media attention spotlighting our strength, unity and growing importance in the global landscape.

With a lot of hard work and a little luck, this will be our shot heard around the world.

Contact Info Email: molly@simplesocialgraces.com
City/Town: New York, NY

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