January 25, 2008

No Kids: Come Into My House

From: Vancouver, Canada
Label: Tomlab
Street Date: 2/19

As my 92 year old Grandma Irma would say "That'sss niiice".

She says that to just about anything that doesn't sound like you are taking an offensive tone with her. She is basically deaf, even with hearing aids in, so "That's nice" is more like her way of showing us she is still awake, and finding whatever you might be saying pleasant enough.

No Kids write polite feather weight songs orchestrated like Efterklang on their tippy toes. Add in a licorice twist of R&B smooth jams and barber shop quartets that never reach any sort of climax and there you have it - one tepid collection of music.

If this listening to this record was like our first date, there wouldn't be a second one. This record is meant for somebody, just not me. Could you take this band and their record home to meet your parents or grandparents? Absolutely!


  1. Anonymous 1/25/08, 3:04 PM

    Is a '92 Grandma' like a 98 Oldsmobile?

  2. I think I might need myself as editor. You are so hired.

  3. Anonymous 1/26/08, 12:00 PM

    That would be 'an' editor.
    Let's talk $$$$.

  4. Seeee....I am so lost without you. Note to self: learn to spell. Second note to self: Do not rush my typing. Third note to self: Pay TZA the big bucks.