June 11, 2008

Brain Dead

I am still in L.A. for work and already absolutely brain dead from 14 hours of presentations, meetings, and artist performances. One day down with two more to go! I wish I had the energy to post at 3:30 AM East Coast time but alas I do not. My head is in information overload mode point I have one stray factoid to share that I was unaware of until today.

The Kiss logo which usually features the lightning bolt looking double "S" is banned in Germany to this day because the "ss" is a little too close to the the Nazi Waffen-SS logo. Keeping this in mind, the band...IE their label and marketing people, have to modify their famous font when they release albums or tour in that country.

I've never been much of a Kiss fan so this could be a stupid super obvious piece of trivia to most people but I had never heard it confirmed from an official source until now.

PS: Shopping at Amoeba tonight was a kick as I ended up shopping next to Hank AKA Henry Rollins three different times.

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