June 12, 2008

Reality Check

Los Angeles is such a surreal place to me. Things that I would never expect to happen in a million years seem to all fall into place like toy soldiers.

Last Night I:

A) Had the singer of Sugar RayMark McGrath apologize after playing a spontaneous show at a tiny work party we had last night above the Roxy. He was certain they weren't my type of music. He then tried to guess that maybe I prefered Interpol or Fall Out Boy where I had to reply honey if I wanted to listen to Joy Division I would and I don't like bands who wear more eyeliner than me. Mark proceeded to insist we were meant to carry on this conversation over dinner and wine when luckily my boss who had introduced us in the first place stepped in and ushered me away to the next work event down the street.

B) Met with Elliott Yamin who sang a few songs at another private work party. He had recently lost his mother and buried her in a part of Richmond called Church Hill. Being from Richmond it was a strange moment to meet this complete stranger famous to the world (but I have never watched American Ido so I can't say it was any different than meeting anyone else new) and know I was probably the only one in the room could visualize the exact location of such a sobering experience for him.

C) Watch Everlast of House of Pain play a short set at the same private party. Who knew that guy still was around no less working on a new record?

D) All of the above.

The answer is D


  1. Haha, amazing! I'm sure that dinner with Mark McGrath would have been hilarious. You could finally get to the bottom of what, exactly, the purpose of frosted tips is. Bring him back to Richmond and we'll just watch him instead of TV.

  2. Ugh, that guy. My hatred for Sugar Ray knows no limits.

  3. Richmonder here. Love LA and Elliott Yamin. We miss him. So, so sad about his mom.

  4. Hey now! You're a rock star!