June 16, 2008

Clothing & Shoes

Typically I dread emails from bands on myspace who are looking to have me listen to their music page or play a show because 92% of the time they are terrible. Clothing & Shoes however fall into the slim 8% zone. They play cuddle-core mixing something that reminds me of Ben from Death Cabs vocal timbre and a UK C86 band. AKA I like them and wish I had it together enough to play a show with them.

They are trying to book a show for July 14 in Richmond, VA (I am a loser that never quite figured out how to play live without a proper band) but perhaps some kind local might be able to help them out. They are charming quiet indie rock and are the kind of group I would happily recommend to others.


  1. we can host them

  2. Amazing! Do you want to email them or shall I?

  3. i'm guessing i'm falling into the chasm of vast majority here... sob!