June 19, 2008

Filthy Friday

The records in my apartment keep piling up. I don't seem to have enough hours in the day to listen to it all no less review them properly. Here are two little record reviews in the spirit of my usual Friday metal post.

Anaal Nathrakh - Hell is Empty, and all the Devils are Here - Seasons of the Mist (2007)

Anaal Nathrakh are a UK band that blast-beats together Black and Death metal. Think Brutal Truth (okay, I know they are more grind than black or death) meets Frost......... Frost!!!! I love Frost for all their wicked sickness (speed doom?!?) and a member of Anaal Nathrahk (Mick AKA Irrumator) is also in Frost. I had high hopes for Hell is Empty but I am disappointed to have spent my $$$ on a record that has only two songs I really really like. ("Until the World Stops Turning" ...which I know sounds more like an emo title than anything METAL and "Castigation and Betrayal".

Somewhere in my pile o' CDs to listen to is another record by Anaal Nathrakh so maybe that one will be better.

Akista - Sang Nordique - Hospital - Reissue of the 2002 release

It isn't every day that a black metal CD opens with something that sounds like a surf band rising from the dead. Just like the Aquarius review promised they really do sound like crust punk meets Darkthrone as well as something more retro 80's than 2000 something. Sang Nordique goes from a chainsaw hacking through mud to songs like "La Nature De Mon Pans" which is more zombie sweater pop than putrid filth. The final track "Fin" places you inside a kick drum with a French speaking demon riding a motorboat. Cool?

This might be one of the most un-Black Metal records of all time so if you are a traditionalist I would steer clear of this one but for those who aren't scared of some major mixing of genres, this comes highly recommended.

I also have to wonder what is in that French Canadian water to produce so many diverse metal bands over the past few decades.

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