September 10, 2008

Amazon Wins the Indie Award of the Week


Indies Get Another Straight Shot at AmazonMP3...

Independent artists now have another method for directly uploading content into AmazonMP3. On Tuesday, Amazon-owned CreateSpace announced that independent artists and labels can direct-port their MP3s into the online store, without any setup fees. That offers a cheaper alternative to TuneCore, though CreateSpace only delivers content into Amazon.
On the physical side, CreateSpace also allows artists to create and position CDs on Amazon, a dual-format play. " customers will be able to discover even more music from independent musicians and labels and be able to enjoy that music on any hardware device or on CD if they prefer," explained Dana LoPiccolo-Giles, cofounder and managing director at CreateSpace.

AmazonMP3 currently carries a catalog fo 6.1 million songs, from both independent and major label sources. Independent artists can upload their content at


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