September 3, 2008

Yeah But Your Music Still Sounds Like Crap In This Format

"A Different Kind of Album Coming to the iPhone?"

Digital album downloads deliver the music, but the trimmings are usually slim. That has given some advantage to fuller formats like the CD and vinyl, often a draw for more die-hard fans.

Now, that picture could begin to change. On Tuesday, MusicWeek reported that Apple is partnering with Snow Patrol on a new, interactive album format. The more involved download will be presented as an application for the iPhone or iPod touch, one that allows fans to access lyrics, artwork, and other extras. "It will be an interactive element; a digital booklet that will take you into the videos and content," Polydor product manager Liz Goodwin said.
The album, A Hundred Million Suns, is slated to hit iPhones next month, according to the report. Snow Patrol is expected to be the first of several artists to tap into the interactive format."



  1. Anonymous 9/4/08, 7:52 PM

    I am so tired of it. Have we crossed the rubicon yet where people just dont give a shit about all the different digital platforms their music is on? Your phone, your computer, your car and on and on. I just want to put a platter on the turntable and listen. thats it. I would never read a digital booklet on my phone. what is that? I am not even old and curmedgeony (maybe i am).

  2. Just put a chip in my brain with all of the world's information already.

  3. Anonymous 9/11/08, 12:58 AM

    as much as i love my ipod, it does the same thing as my discman or my turntable. plays music. the convenience of carrying a ton of music around without bulk or weight is nice; but i can't imagine the tiny, wee screen ever being awesome to view things on. it seems like a waste of resources, all this research and development trying to figure out how to make a phone something else.

    re: the new snow patrol album, on cd, omg omg omg squeeeeeeeeeee!