September 3, 2008

Bad Ideas Happen to Good Games

"Pumpkins Delivering Guitar Hero Exclusive...

The Smashing Pumpkins are delivering an exclusive single for the upcoming, Guitar Hero World Tour, slated for release this fall. The track will be titled "G.L.O.W." according to game publisher Activision. "This marks the first time a band has recorded a new song exclusively for the franchise which will be released afterwards, giving Guitar Hero fans exclusive access to Smashing Pumpkins music before anyone else," Activision stated.

The song will be packaged as a three-song download pack, alongside "1979" and "The Everlasting Gaze". Additionally, Billy Corgan will appear as an in-game avatar, bringing with him the classic song, "Today," an in-disc cut. The exclusive follows an earlier announcement by Guns N' Roses, which is planning to deliver an exclusive track to Rock Band 2."


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