September 10, 2008

The Fakebook Chronicles

This is slightly behind the times but worth sharing:

Paul over at Setting The Woods On Fire posted a set of mp3s of the original versions of songs covered by Yo La Tengo on their fantabulous Fakebook album. This record has a special place in the hearts of many YLT fans, and it has aged surprisingly well. They cover a lot of bases on this record, from the mellow twang-rock of the post-Gram Flying Burrito Brothers to Daniel Johnston's damaged musings (if you haven't seen The Devil and Daniel Johnston documentary, you really should). These songs might not all appeal to every taste, but it serves as a primer to just how vast and truly catholic the tastes of Georgia and Ira are. James wasn't in the band at the time of Fakebook's release, but he brought even more variety to the list of covers — who else would attempt The Dead C and Hot Chocolate?

Some of the songs here were probably pretty hard to track down — I had 7 of them in my collection already, but the others are surely a welcome addition. Check the post out here:

The Fakebook Originals

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