September 10, 2008


I first became aware of Joe Preston during his time in The Melvins. His thunderous bass playing and unique personality showed through the already heavier than lead sound that The Melvins had. Since that time, Joe has been very active on the bass. Here is a list of bands he has been a member of, which Joe himself put together and he admits may be incomplete.

- Melvins
- High On Fire
- Sunn 0)))
- Earth
- C Average
- Harvey Milk
- Mens Recovery Project

as well as:
Blasphematherion, Concrete, Hillbilly Wizard, Last Empire, Loud Machine, Mancampus, The Need, Rhine Maidens, Snakepit, Spirit Bunny, Superconducter, Sue P. Fox, Thor, Witchypoo, and The Whip.

There is NO equal!

In 1994 Joe began releasing solo music under the name Thrones. In Thrones he plays super heavy, yet very melodic, bass guitar and sings over a collection of drum machines, samplers and sequencers. The music he produces is all his own. Pure Joe.

Although he has been a part of some of the heaviest bands in history, in Thrones he stands alone. He not only stands alone, he plays alone, and often, he rides alone. Joe has been known to tour alone, or sometimes with his cat in the van. He is beholden to no one. This is the sound of human instinct. The first time that I saw Thrones live, the bottoms of my feet were tingling from the floor of the club vibrating. Total power. He is touring the west coast this fall, and I suggest that you get out and witness the power of one man, four strings, and a killer beard.

This is what awaits is your destiny:


  1. JOE!

    The last time I saw him was at Fred & Marcelle's wedding where he, Tom, and Keith backed Thor to make for the world's greatest wedding band.

  2. Holy crap I love me some Joe Preston! I can't remember any more how we first met but I can tell you that Joe is one of the loviest dudes I have ever meet. Any man that can rock a jumpsuit and braids in a rockstar in my book. Plus it takes one genius of a man to sell mech as amazing as a beard on a stick. I need to dig up this great old picture I have of Joe. I will do so for a later post.

    Joe!!!!! And no, I do not mean Joe the R&B guy. There is only one real Joe and he is a god of thunder.

  3. Joe is the Survivorman of metal.