September 16, 2008

Crisis : Hymns of Faith

A newly acquired used record has me doing a little homework on the band history of Crisis. They were a UK political punk band (think far far far left - big part of the an anti-racism movement) that formed in 77' and disbanded in 1980. Two members went on to form Death in June (Douglas Pierce and Tony Wakeford).

Crisis is an interesting cross of Goth and Post Punk that lands them musically somewhere in the ballpark of Gang of Four, Wire, and The Clash.

I didn't know much about the band besides their connection to DIJ so it was a pleasant surprise to play this EP and discover how brilliant the music is.

I highly recommend seeking their singles and mini-LP out. (And it isn't hard to connect the Death in June's obsession with Nazi Germany looking at some of these song titles)

Hymns of Faith (Mini-LP) (1980)
We Are All Jews and Germans double CD (1997 compilation)
Holocaust Hymns (2005 single CD compilation)
Ends! (2008 live CD of final show in 1980)

"No Town Hall" 7" (1979)
"UK 79"/"White Youth" (1979)
"Alienation" (1981)
"Holocaust U.K." 12" (Compilation of first two singles)


  1. I thought this was going to be about Karyn Crisis :(