September 30, 2009

9th Wonder is down with the Care Bears

Hip-Hop producer 9th Wonder shows off his deep knowledge of TV and movie themes and challenges other producers to flip some off the wall tracks in this video.

9th Wonder came into the limelight after having a track on Jay Z's enormous "The Black Album", and remixing Nas' whole "God's Son" album into a release called "God's Stepson" in 2003. He has a smart, thoughtful, laid back persona that is in stark contrast to some of today's more flamboyant producers. He is also known for using Fruity Loops software which is available for $99, proving that the talent is in the man, not the expensive equipment.

Here is a sampling of 9th Wonder's work:

Now what I would like to see is 9th Wonder flip Small Wonder. Gettin' tricky on Vicki. Wonder Twin powers ACTIVATE!!

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