September 21, 2009

Charlotte Gainsbourg : MRI

The chain of events went something like this.

1. I read in Mojo that Charlotte Gainsbourg (daughter of Serge and Jane Birkin) is working on a new record called MRI and Beck is helping her out. The article goes on to explain that the record is called IRM ( French for MRI) because she suffered from a brain hemorrhage a few years ago and after her brain scan in the MRI machine, it was a sound she would never forget. Inspired by that scary jet engine like industrial noise, she wanted to apply it her third record. I thought it was really interesting that she was turning a life threatening health issue into art. Very inspiring stuff.

2. I have had friends and family also tell me that the sound of the MRI is something they would never forget and this article made me wonder. What does an MRI sound like?

3. This question and google search led me to this page where you can sample two audio clips.

4. I then found this site for Project MRI: "All the songs on this CD were based on a set of sample recordings of a real MRI machine. The artists manipulated the samples with various effects and audio software, using the output as their final composition, or using it as a backdrop for adding additional recorded tracks from various Instruments. "

5. Man (or woman) conquers machine. I like that.

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