October 8, 2009

Thursday, Oct 8 : Cause & Effect : Serge Gainsbourg

We have been doing our radio show Cause & Effect now for 10 months and if there is one thing I have learned thus far, there is a core group of older artists, perhaps 50 at most, who seem to have a heavy influence on just about every major new(ish) artist. These are the musicians who have inspired a whole new generation and Serge Gainsbourg (French) is certainly a name that appears time and time again. For yet another twist in the show I thought it might be a nice change to work in reverse and explore who inspired such a legendary / groundbreaking songwriter as well as show examples of his work and the artists who have claimed to be greatly affect by Serge's style. A style that began in the shadow of more traditional French Chansons in the late 50's, moved into ye-ye pop, and then skyrocketed into a million directions from orchestrated ballads to jazz, samba, rock, dub and reggae.

Often sighted as an equally important part to his music was his lyrical style which were almost always seeped in sexuality. He was a master at twisting words playfully to have double meanings, occasionally to the point of offensive by conservative standards and then crossing the line later in life when he dared to write and perform a song with his now also famous daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg called Lemon Incest (AKA Lemon Zest) who was 12 at the time they recorded the sexy duet and shot a video where they in fact share a bed.

Controversies aside he was also a visual icon on many other levels, always seen with a cigarette and drink in hand, well dressed, and has recorded music with some of the sexiest women of the last 100 years like Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birken (married her when she was 21 and he was 40) to name just two.

That being said tonight on Cause & Effect we will be playing many of the songs Serge has written than others have performed over the years as well as the artists who inspired and shaped him as an artist. Undeniably sexy, expect to hear two hours of music best listened to with the lights down low, a drink in hand, and perhaps a little company of the one on one kind.

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This evening our set will include : Dutronc, Blonde Redhead, Luna, France Gall, Beck,Francois Hardy, Brel, Beirut, Arcade Fire, Bardot, and more.

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