March 21, 2010

Gabor Szabo Retrospective in Video Form

Born in 1936 and passed away in '82, this Hungarian Jazz guitarist sadly never made it big like some of his contemporaries (IE George Benson) but his cult following remains as strong as ever. He remains one of the most innovative guitar players of the '60s and as a largely self taught player (however he did flee Hungry only to America and eventually attended Berklee College)

His playing style infuses so many styles, folk, jazz, Indian, Asian, Flamenco, and with electric guitar heroes like Hendrix happening during the same time period, he too experimented with feedback however it proved to push him even farther away from commercial success.

While some of his records undoubtedly border on smooth jazz, he has a large catalog despite his short life, and tucked among these records are some true gems.

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