April 17, 2012

Andy Warhol Album Art Auction Ended : Billy Squier's Music Still Not Awesome

A collection of sixty eight different albums with art by Andy Warhol were on Ebay this week and the sale ended yesterday. The collection went for $10,700.00 and contains some pretty fantastic stuff. For images to the link. There is also a book that features his album art for those who don't have 10k to spend on owning it first hand. He did a lot more than the Velvet Underground + Rolling Stones album art!

Some classic examples of his art can be found here. 

"Up for auction is a collection of Andy Warhol records.  The collection spans from his first design (Carlos Chavez - Program of Mexican Music, 1949) through his final-approved release before his death (MTV - High Priority, 1987) and beyond (e.g., Silver Apples, 1996).  The set includes  RATFAB,  his most rare record cover, as fewer than 300 of these were ever made.  Other near-impossible-to-find covers are included, such as the Velvet Underground's blue flexi-vinyl promotional only 7" for "Thanks Andy Warhol" (see upper right picture of image 12) and Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish, put out by Doubleday books .  Also included are the 2 boxes  to the Andy Warhol's Jazz album covers box sets (each limited to only 500 copies), as these are the closest to the Progressive Piano lp that was designed, but never released  (see bottom right picture of image 12) .   The records present beautifully, and some are still sealed in their original cellophane.   Please see pictures below for full listing of images.  Ebay permits only 12 pictures, so the last picture is a collage.  Outside of the collection held by the Andy Warhol Museum archive in Pittsburgh, this may be the largest private collection of Andy Warhol covers.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  I will be out of town for part of the auction, but will try to be as responsive as possible. "

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