April 17, 2012

Hit So Hard - Documentary

I'll admit that I can get snarky about the number of people and subjects that now have a documentary about them and when I heard the drummer from the band Hole ( Patty Schemel) has done an autobiographical one, the eyes rolled back into my head. Then I watched the trailer and changed my mind.

I am interested in hearing any woman's story who has played in bands, no less one as infamous as Hole. The fact that she survived playing in one of the most infamously drinky (that's a word, right?) / druggy bands on the planet is also worth celebrating. Then it also appears that there is heavy dose of behind the scenes footage of Kurt Cobain. This highly personal look at Kurt will probably polarize Nirvana fans because some people will be hungry for any new looks at their Rock hero but then there is also the age old association of Courtney Love being a Yoko Ono figure who helped to run Kurt into the ground, literally.

I can't begin to wrap my head around what it was like to play in a band with Courtney Love no less how anyone could handle all of the drama and tragedy that came with her. Add in her own battle with addictions, her openly talking about her sexuality (being gay), and no matter what opinions you carry about the band, the human side of the story is a valuable one.

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