April 17, 2012

Dunebuggy : OUT TODAY

The Dunebuggy record I released on my label came out today. The vinyl is limited to a mere 100 copies and can be found at stores like Flipside in Pompton Lakes, NJ (makes sense since this is where I befriended the members of Dunebuggy in the late '80s!), Other Music in NYC, and Deep Groove Records in Richmond, VA to name a few.

If your local record shop doesn't have it in stock for some reason, please let the store buyer know that there are still copies available from Cobraside Distribution.

You can stream the whole Dunebuggy record here. Fun fact: the handful of female vocals on the record are me circa the mid '90s. The record can also be purchased from all the usual digital music stores like iTunes and Amazon.

To the left is a still from the re-edited fan version of the 1995 movie Empire Records. In this remixed edition of the film there is a shot of  actress Robin Tunney flipping through 7" singles and the first one facing out is Dunebuggy.  Crazy, right?

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