April 24, 2012

Thoughts on Record Store Day : Not For Everyone

There has been an interesting running commentary / exchange of thoughts on Record Store Day and in particular, the pop up store that Numbero did in their hometown of Chicago. This isn't for everyone but for those of us who work in the behind the scenes side of the music industry, some interesting points on all sides are being made on this blog post by a record store named Saki that is tied into the distribution group Carrot Top, again all in Chicago. (Thanks D for the tip on this!)

And one other thing to ponder. How equal opportunity is Record Store Day? In the hundreds of articles, blog posts, television footage, and first hand experiences with the big day I have had, there is a shortage of diversity to most of the releases and those who turn up to buy them. File under stuff white people like and mostly dudes at that? It seems that way to me. I would love to know, is there a big support for RSD from the Urban Community and I am just clueless to it?

Music appeals to people all over the world, from every possible background, so how can we make this day accessible and interesting to all walks of life and not just the collector crowd? If the idea of RSD is to keep record stores alive and inspire people to become lifetime shoppers at their local stores it seems like we would want to woo as many different kinds of music loving people as possible but then again, are there enough RSD releases for a less Rock focused following to be lured in to stores?

Again, I could be completely ignorant and maybe Record Store Day is more diverse than I think it is. I really look forward to some people schooling me so I can bring those ideas into my local community next time around.

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