March 27, 2008

Friday Flaschcard: Name that Metal Band

"Just imagine what this will sound like..."

You gotta respect a label (Profound Lore) so certain of a signing that they only have to list the members of the group to get people excited and a band so confident that their MySpace page doesn't actually have any music featured on it.
I gotta say, I seriously can't find the name of this band in this logo at all. I am convinced that this is more like the Nike Swish of metal.
The black metal band in question here can be found in the comments section.


  1. According to the label "KRALLICE, is what happens when you get virtuosic guitar genius Mick Barr (OCRILIM, ORTHRELM) and prolific technical musician/producer Colin Marston (BEHOLD... THE ARCTOPUS, DYSRHYTHMIA, BYLA etc.) to create vitriolic time-stretching epic black metal (and Mick will be doing vocals as well). So just imagine what this will sound like. "

    If you say so.

  2. In case you missed it, the band is Krallice.

  3. I am usually all for black metal logos, but this one strikes me as, well, kinda mid 90's shitty tribal tattoo. The center of it does seem a bit in the style of custom car pin striping. WAIT, now when I look at it, and squint a little bit, I see the face of a wrinkled old man with a fu-manchu moustache! Alright, I really need to STOP looking at this.

  4. TZA you are not alone. I see an asian man with a very large mustache.