March 18, 2008

Well now I just dont know...

who is the greater American storyteller. Lou Reed or Willie Nelson? After seeing Willie perform live in Richmond this evening I am leaning towards the Lone Star State gentleman with braids to his waist.

So it's on people. Willie -v- Lou. Who wins?


  1. I go with weed over heroin.

  2. Tonight was the first time I had smelled pot at a show in friggin years.

  3. Well then, you are going to the WRONG shows. Church choirs and Barbershop Quartets? I even smelled it at the drive-in movies not too long ago...oh wait, that was me.

  4. I smelled plenty of weed at the Iron Maiden show last friday, and most of the dudes there were Willie's age...

  5. Lots of dope-smoking going on at the DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist show at the 9:30 in January. That was the last big out-of-town show I went to. Charlottesville venues are pretty tough on the smokers of any stripe.

    The FIRST time I smelled pot at a show was The Who at Arrowhead Stadium, summer of 1989. I was 15.

    Also: I love Willie, but Lou FTW.