March 19, 2008

Is Justin Broderick OCD?

Check out all these Justin related recordings coming out - when does this man sleep and just how much music can an artist release before his talents are watered down to nothing? After listening to Pale Sketches I can say I think we may already be there. Save your nasty comments, I understand that release isn't a proper Jesu release so just back off, ha!

Released today (18th March ’08) on Avalanche Recordings
4 X CDr SET [AREC011].

All four of the highly limited and now sold out FINAL ’..guitar..’ CDr’s (see : AREC003-006) in one 4XCD-R set, packaged in a 4-way DVD case, pro pressing. In a hand numbered limited edition of 150 copies only.

Jesu - ’Pale sketches’, Jesu - ’Heart Ache’ and Final ’Afar’ vinyl editions on Avalanche Recordings are all being pressed/manufactured now. Pre orders will begin in mid April, shipping will then begin early May.

Current and upcoming Justin K Broadrick related activities :


GALLHAMMER - production and mix of Live DVD ISIS - production and mix of ’Oceanic’ Live DVD

J2 - production and mix of Jarboe Mini LP (out now) GENGHIS TRON - Remix JESU / BATTLE OF MICE - split EP on Robotic Empire JESU - EP on Caldo Verde JESU - ’Why Are We Not Perfect’ (HHR) songs from split with Eluvium on CDEP with bonus mixes.

GREY MACHINE - ’Disconnected’ LP - The debut album coming soon...

JESU / ENVY - Split EP on Daymare Japan

VIDNA OBMANA - jesu Remix & Final Remix

FINAL vs FEAR FALLS BURNING - LP on Conspiracy Recs FINAL - ’The Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree’/ 2x Vinyl LP on Tone Float

FINAL - CD on Utech Recs. artwork by Stephen Kasner FINAL - Vinyl LP on No Quarter N.I.C - Mix & production of forthcoming new album N.I.C - Remix/dub on ’N.I.C in dub’out now

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  1. There's a thing called 'Quality Control'. Some people need to learn it. Hip-hop albums went downhill when artists started putting 26 songs on a CD. Too much material definitely waters down the stew. J Church / Electric Frankenstein / The Fall are all great bands with too much product for their own good.