March 31, 2008

Soda Jerk

Dr. Pepper is no doubt one of the greatest soft drinks of all time (Mr. Pibb is hard to find in NY/NJ). The sweet beverage has now announced one of the greatest promotions of all time. Dr. Pepper has challenged Guns And Roses front man Axl Rose to release his decade long delayed album 'Chinese Democracy' during the 2008 calender year. If the follicle challenged singer can step up to the task, Dr. Pepper will give a FREE can of soda to EVERYONE in America. Knowing Axl's history of canceling concerts, firing band members and general anti-social behavior, I'd say that pleasing the taste buds of the population at large is not one of his top priorities. Don't hold your breath, and don't get dehydrated banking on Axl 'Being A Pepper'.

CLICK HERE for the details straight from REUTERS.

Many people have tried to get this project in gear before, and all have failed miserably. An article from the New York Times states - "In 1997 Todd Sullivan, who was then a talent executive for the company, sent Mr. Rose a sampling of CD's produced by different people, and encouraged him to choose one to work on "Chinese Democracy." Mr. Sullivan says he received a call informing him that Mr. Rose had run over the albums with a car."

A true patriot.

In related news:
A similar offer may be needed from Schlitz beer before MURDERBELLY
releases any songs from his work in progress 'Siamese Theocracy'.

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