March 4, 2008

Ringfinger "Decimal" LPs

Normally I don't blog about my own music but since the very first copies of my LP arrived at my door today I have decided to post about them. I am super stoked with how they turned out and if you are thinking the packaging looks like an early 90s emo record...well it does. Guilty as charged.

Here is the scoop:

*The label is Magic Bullet.

*The official street date is March 25th 2008

*You can buy it from Magic Bullet direct as well as Interpunk and I think Dischord direct.

*Retailers - Mordam / Lumberjack should also have this record for sale.

*The cover wrap is 12.5" x 19" - silver ink silkscreened on black stock.

*We pressed 500 LPs total - 251 red vinyl and 249 black. Technically that makes the black more rare!

*The record sits in a white dust sleeve which has then been inserted into a black jacket.

*The center label: all black and each one has been hand marked in silver ink to say Ringfinger /Decimal and Magic Bullet Records on all copies.

*Each record is hand numbered on the inside of the cover flap.

*There is a lyric sheet with full liner notes.

*The record and jacket are in a clear plastic sleeve which carries a silver sticker that reads Ringfinger Decimal because the front cover does not have any words on it at all.

Hooray!!!! And thanks to Magic Bullet!


  1. awesome. I will grab one as soon as Brent makes em available.

  2. whoa. i might have to buy one in each color - black to play, red to sell on eBay in 20 years.

    yay, teamringfinger!

  3. Well - whatever doesn't sell I am totally going to make into record cuffs, ha!

  4. Anonymous 3/5/08, 4:14 PM

    pretty pretty pretty!

  5. Anonymous 6/19/08, 8:21 PM

    I picked up a pressing at Ameoba in Berkeley. Listening to it now. baconfart, what are you talking about?

  6. Anonymous 6/19/08, 8:23 PM

    What are YOU talking about, Anonymous? Correction: Rasputin in Berkeley.
    I gots black. HA!